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Environmental Impact Assessment

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Technology, Research, Innovation, Service - Your partner in GIS and Remote Sensing solutions.

Welcome to GeohabitatLab BD, a premier consultancy firm that specializes in Environment, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Research, and Technology. Our team of experts provides innovative solutions to complex challenges in these fields. Our expertise in Environment, GIS, Research, and Technology allows us to deliver tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Whether it's providing actionable insights, developing sustainable strategies, or implementing cutting-edge technologies, we are committed to delivering results that have a positive impact on our clients and the world around us.

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What we have to offer.

Environmental Solutions

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), Sustainability Strategies, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Renewable Energy Consulting, Water and Waste Management, Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Compliance and Auditing, Sustainability Reporting.

Geographic Information Systems

Strategy and Planning, Data Management, GIS Technology Implementation, Data Visualization, GIS Analytics and Modeling, Asset Management, Emergency Response, Environmental Monitoring, Urban Planning, GIS Training and Capacity Building.


Research Design, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Reporting and Dissemination, Technical Writing, Literature Review, Ethics Review, Training and Capacity Building, Project Management.

Remote Sensing

Image Processing, Image Analysis, GIS Integration, Land Cover Mapping, Environmental Monitoring, Disaster Response, Urban Planning, Training and Capacity Building.

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GeoHabitatLab offers customized geospatial solutions that help clients make informed decisions based on valuable insights and actionable information.

Our decade-long experience includes successful geospatial problem-solving across industries such as environmental and natural resource management, urban planning, agriculture, forestry, and infrastructure development.

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Ahasanul Hoque

Geospatial and Data Management Expert, World Bank

Obaidur Rahman

GIS and Remote Sensing Researcher, University of Utah, USA

Rezwan Ahmed

GIS Developer and WebGIS Expert, NSDI, Survey of Bangladesh

SM Sium

GIS Expert and Remote Sensing Analyst, NSDI, Survey of Bangladesh

Participatory Cluster Monitoring Mapping using OpenStreetMap (OSM) and QGIS

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Data-Driven Policy Making: Leveraging Insights for Effective Governance

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Disaster Management

Costal Region Monitoring

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